Monday, April 20, 2009

Fantasy vs Reality: Which is Real?

Today, there are four planets in Pisces: the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Uranus. That's a whole lotta water and it's overflowed into the sky (it's raining in New York). Pisces is a sign of dreams and illusion, be they for good or ill and to have four planets traveling through this spirtual sign will show an increase in daydreaming, fantasizing, and idealization. The other side is that it's going to increase in delusion, both self and otherwise.

With Pisces so strong, is this a wonderful or dangerous time?

Let's face it, reality can be a true bitch - we're talking nose in the air, designer clothing, froo-froo dog in the bag, bitch. And that's the masculine side. Why do you think people say, "You have to face reality." Reality's not going to come to you. It's already there and when you wander away, it's waiting to slap you and wake you up. So why wander? Why even bother setting yourself up for that slap in the face?

I think fantasy is essential for survival. Humans need to dream. It's what gives us courage, makes us stronger, shows our true colors. We must have something to strive for. Most of the abstracts that we believe in - love, justice, fame, even (dare I say it?) religion, are leaps of faith. We dare to dream of them and in dreaming them, we have caused them to be. Dreams are the seed that allows belief to grow. Whether any of these abstracts actually exists is unprovable by science and technology, but because we dared to dream of them, we believe in them and they have become integral parts of our society. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the number of love songs, the plethora of lawyers, the idolized celebrities, the multitude of varying religions. Even atheists and agnostics have dared to dream of another option: the possibility of nothing. Before everyone goes flying off the handle because I grouped religion with fantasy, think about it - what staple of our world has not been given weight because of a belief? Money is just a piece of paper. Gold and silver are stones. Boundaries and borders for nations are man-made.

There is incredible power in fantasy, such as the power for self-delusion. Humans have a fabulous capacity for creation and sometimes, that works against us. We choose to believe a lie because it's easier than "facing reality." At times, that can be a good self-protective mechanism, but what about when it's destructive? We choose to believe someone because we love them, even though they are hurting us. We choose the path of ignorance when there is wrong going on around us. When is the fantasy dangerous? And for that matter, who gets to decide? Are there really people who are insane or folks who saw reality so differently that the powers that be decided it was too dangerous to have them around? There was a time when the Earth was flat and the center of the universe and it was unthinkable to say otherwise. Are the insane so far advanced that they can see what fantasy can create? Who could have foreseen computers, let alone the internet, a century ago? Would they have been considered insane? Or visionary? We have all accepted certain things as real and of course, that's also essential to survival. Still, our dreams can reshape our world. It's why we read books, watch TV, and attend movies. We still long to dream of more than what we see around us.

I think Jane Wagner had it right when she wrote, "Reality is nothing but a collective hunch." We make our own reality. The irony is that reality once started as fantasy.

So, I say, go for it, Pisces! Bring on the whimsy; I'm ready to recreate my world!

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