Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feel It Out

The moon is the natural ruler of Cancer. This is going to be a powerfully emotional period, especially as the moon is waxing. Cancer is a nurturing sign of home and belonging and with the moon's fluctuating influence, feelings are going to be somewhat unpredictable, but strong. I'd make sure to think before speaking during this time, but it may also be an opportunity to get something off your chest that you've been keeping buried.

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Sharing emotions is an important part of life. Without this, therapists would have no job. It's vital for us to have someone to talk to. The hard part is finding that person that you can really talk to. Some people swear by therapists. Others refuse to see them no matter what's going on in their lives. Yet everyone seems to agree that it's healthier to talk about your feelings than to bottle them up. Sometimes, though, I know I'd love to put my feelings into a jar and lock them away in the cupboard for awhile. Especially with certain situations. It's hard to deal with difficulties when there are heavy emotions involved. How can we be expected to be the rational creatures that we humans profess to be when our hearts are constantly influencing our minds?

Of course, there are people who are just better at compartmentalizing their emotions. They are able to see past their feelings and move on to the decision at hand. Others become messes at the tiniest complication. Are certain people genetically predisposed to be able to handle major life-crises while the rest turn into weeping goobmongers? Or were we brought up to handle emotions a certain way? In my family, it was acceptable to express your emotions regardless of age or gender. Of course, there were certain accepted ways for that expression, but emotional communication was encouraged.For those who were not brought up in such an environment, have they learned to stifle natural emotions? Is this unhealthy? I suppose that would depend on how it manifests.

However, there have been studies that say that disease is exactly that: dis-ease. Negative emotions can create dis-ease within the body which manifests as a physical illness. This is why therapy becomes so helpful with regard to staving off sickness. Journaling is also a wonderful way to get feelings out if you don't feel comfortable speaking directly to a person. Blogging could be considered medication for emotional blockage. It's catharsis. No matter how you express yourself, it'll make you feel better.

Go ahead, get emotional. It's more than just a phase.

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