Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gender Blur

As discussed yesterday, Pisces is enjoying four planets right now and two of those are so close, they're in what's called a conjunction. That means that they affect each other very strongly, and what better two planets than Venus and Mars? Venus, planet of love, and Mars, planet of passion, are bolstering each other during this time in Pisces, the sign of illusion. Talk about an interesting time to get into a relationship!

Still, there's a lot to discuss with regard to gender, especially when it comes to illusion! Are men really from Mars, and women from Venus? So thinks John Gray. Yet, the gender lines are not as cut and dried as they once were. We're seeing a great deal of gender blur in today's society, most of which are under the heading, Tran. Transsexuals. Transvestites. Transgender.

One of the main areas that we're seeing a blur of the genders is in clothing. That seems to be one of the biggest giveaways that someone is playing with their gender. Some might argue that it all started back when women first wore pants. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Miller and her suffragette ways back in the 1800s! Who would have thought wearing pants would have been such a political move? Fashion has always made a statement. World War I was the true advent of pants as women had to take up the work while the men fought. What a gender bend THAT must have been! Women in the work force? How gauche! Yet, now, it's perfectly acceptable for women to wear pants, suits, button down shirts, ties - all classically male clothing.

What about a man in a dress? Well, that's just weird, isn't it? Unless you're Scottish and then it's not a skirt, it's a kilt. What a difference it is to see a man in female clothing than it is to see a woman in men's clothing. Admit it, guys - seeing your girlfriend wearing just button down shirt is hot. Okay, ladies, would you want to see your boyfriend in your miniskirt? Not sexy at all, is it? In fact, there was just an article in the paper about a husband who had been married for 5 years and his wife just found out that he likes wearing her underwear. She's completely up in arms about it. The doctor at hand suggested that it would be akin to seeing her in his briefs and work boots. Yet, I bet there are more men who find that image arousing than women who would be attracted to the husband in panties.

Walking into any clothing store, you'll notice that the genders are distinctly separated. Men on the first floor, women on the second, or vice-versa, but take a good look at the clothing being offered. Some of it looks awfully similar, doesn't it? Then take a look at some of the people around you. Are you seeing fairly gender neutral clothing that hints one way or another by the length of sleeve or the cut of the leg? Nothing is so cut in stone anymore with regard to gender; not even fashion. Oh, sure, many will argue that sleeve length goes a long way to delineate gender, but think of where we've come from - bodice and bustles to tshirts and jeans. A sleeve length makes the difference?!

However, cross-dressing today will still make an impact. I remember watching Eddie Izzard with my family and my father couldn't get past the fact that he was dressed like a woman. It was a preference. I wanted him to just watch and listen, but the comedy was overpowered by the visual disturbance. Drag is a powerful entertainment tool - just look at RuPaul. She's made drag into a career!

We can then take the train from Dragville to Transgendervania. Men and women who feel that they've been born into the wrong bodies. How much of gender is about genitalia? Does the physicality make a difference? Many would say, "No." It's not about the body you were born into; it's about who you are inside. As we've been told since we were kids, don't judge a book by its cover. How must it feel to be uncomfortable in your own body? To gender identify with the opposite sex? Never mind sexuality. This is just about being yourself. It's amazing to think how societal norms must affect these folks. Of course, we do kind of screw it up from the get-go and dress boys in blue and girls in red. Red is traditionally a masculine color, symbolizing virility, anger, passion, war, blood. Blue represents emotion, intuition, connection, mystery, love. We've been cross-dressing since we were babies!

An errant thought: if Pennsylvania is Penn's Woods, shouldn't Transylvania be filled with cross-dressing trees?

There are many ways that genders are blurring more and more nowadays and it's not just clothing, but what you wear has always been an expression of individuality. Some are more willing to show theirs. There will most likely be other gender rants, but until then, enjoy the Venus/Mars conjunction!

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