Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Dating Game

Venus is traveling through the 4th House, the house of belonging. Venus is the sign of sociability, and now is a period of figuring out where we fit in on a social level. Sometimes, it's not what we expected and this may be a connection to childhood because of the Arien influence.

Dating is such an odd world. It falls within the realm of love and that's never a logical area in life. It's all shaky ground. We do all we can to make the best impression possible. We watch what we say. We choose our outfits with utmost care. We check to see if someone has texted us. We ask all of our friends their opinions. We review the entire conversation in our head and we sit and analyze every word that was said. And heaven forbid we ever check the status on Facebook or Twitter. So much can be communicated without the intention to communicate. And then, on top of that, how long should we wait to contact them? Should we make the first move? So many questions.

Oh, wait. Is this just me? Did I just admit to complete neuroticism? Oh, come on, you must have known I was slightly crazy after reading all of the other posts. You have been reading the other posts, haven't you? Well, if I'm ever going to show true quirks, it's certainly in the dating world. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets a little nuts about dating. It's such a murky part of life.

Let's add to this mass confusion the wonderful element of league. "S/He's out of my league," people say. Who created these leagues? What makes someone part of one league or another? Did we develop a dating caste system. Are there untouchables? Though I find it hard to believe that the lines are so strictly set, I've stated that someone was out of my league on more than one occasion only to have my friends turn around and smack me. "Oh, please. You're a catch." A catch for whom? How odd to equate dating with fishing. Then again, there are plenty of fish in the sea, right? And we talk about the man that got away. Perhaps the league that we're referring to is one of the 20,000.

The varieties among people are so vast and there are already odd strictures placed upon romantic entanglements, such as religion, race, age, sexual orientation. Must we place yet another restriction on love? League? Such a ludicrous notion to think that we can only work with someone on our "level," especially when there is no set definition of what that is. There are so many hierarchies already in place in life. Let the heart speak for what it wants.

If you think you're out of my league, go fish.

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