Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happily Ever After

Pisces, the sign of dreams, is in the 7th House, the house of relationships and partnerships. It should provide a romanticized notion of relationships in our lives, both platonic and on other levels. It's time to see others through rose-colored glasses.

Is this purely the fault of the fishy sign? After all, dating is equivalent to fishing, right? And the fish in the sign Pisces are representations of Venus and Cupid in their efforts to escape danger. Of course, the love goddess and her son escape. They have to. We need love to survive in the face of overwhelming odds. Where does such faith come from?

Why, movies, of course. What would we do without those romantic comedies that seem to be the backbone of the human condition. They expand our hearts and our minds and help us keep our faith in love. Is this a good thing, though? Have we developed a skewed view of what a relationship is supposed to be? Should "should" enter the picture? Should I like him more? Should I buy her flowers? Should we still be so happy after so much time? Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc. Must love follow a given pattern? I mean, so many movies are formulaic and we've heard it a million times. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy loses girl, boy fights for girl, happily ever after. It's even in cartoons, damn the Mouse!

Regardless of gender preferences, we're all affected by a good romantic story and who doesn't love a happily ever after? What do we do, though, when our happily ever after doesn't quite equate to our own lives? Have we set ourselves for disappointment or are we creating wonderful hope to blossom within ourselves and giving ourselves something to reach for? Folks have been claiming the detrimental effects of video games on children for ages, but have we ever stopped to consider the possible effects of videos themselves on people of all ages? Are we creating a lose-lose situation?

I say no. I think humans need to dream of love. We have been doing so since time began, through stories. We yearn for the connection we find with another person. As I sit here, watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (oh, please, like you've never seen it), I can't help but think how apropos that name is for a story about a woman trying to find and keep love. Love hovers at the edge of reason. It contains just enough of it to make sense in our lives, but in movies, we can create a story where anything can be fixed in under three hours.

Still, whether we get it from movies or whether it's innate to the human heart, I stand in favor of love. I dream of it.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.


  1. Pisces rules my 7th house as well, and I fell head over heels in love with my wife when i first laid eyes on her. i knew she was the one. She is a very artistic type of person and needs lots of picking up after. Of course, marriage has a way of shattering our illusions and romantic projections and this can cause a lot of problems for immature people like we were when we married. Our saving grace was our shared commitment to making our marriage work, and we have worked at it. Happy to report that after nearly 20 years she still thrills my soul and we still have great sex, and we still have problems too...

  2. That's wonderful, Shawn! It's good to know that people still fall head over heels in love. :) Perhaps the movies don't have it so wrong after all...