Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boxing Rules

As the moon approaches a conjunction with Saturn in Virgo, we shall see more emotional limitations and restrictions, especially with regard to service. There may be some coldness on the emotional front for many people and it might be time to delve deeper into the details to find out the real source of the issue.

As they say, "Life is in the details." There is no better evidence of this than when you have to pack up and move. Believe me, it's not my favorite activity. I'd rather watch an elementary school production of Beckett than pack up my life into boxes. Yet, in the process, it made me think how vital a role boxes play throughout our lives.

Now, forgive the crude vernacular, but in one of its slang meanings, we all started by emerging from a "box." Without that anatomical requirement, we're missing one-half of the gift of life. How interesting that our first action in the outside world is emerging from a confined space, when, for the rest of our lives, we will move from box to box and, in many cases, take pleasure in the confinement.

After all, rooms are very similar to boxes. In fact, in American Sign Language, the sign for "room" is just the reverse action of the sign for "box." Room really is a misnomer isn't it? There isn't much room in most rooms. It's outside that has the room. In fact, it's the March Hare of Wonderland who states, "We are here in the great outdoors, and there are certainly no rooms here." In such a statement, it does make obvious the foolishness of calling a room such, for indeed, it is a box. Instead of the open room, humans have chosen to live inside various boxes.

Boxes played enormous significance in childhood. Leaning to draw boxes. Learning the third dimension from boxes. Learning whether someone liked you by their checking of a box. And we haven't stopped checking boxes yet! They're on almost every form imaginable. Especially with regard to age and folks dread entering that next age bracket. This is all symbolized by a box, and as Samantha of Sex and the City states, "Honey, welcome to my box." We check box after box, further confining ourselves. These boxes represent more ethereal boxes which label us by age, race, gender, and so on. We spend our lives within the various boxes.

Finally, depending on the decision of the person, a person may end up in a box. The coffin is yet another box that we humans have created for ourselves. We do not die and go straight into the earth. No, we choose to put our bodies into a box within the ground.

From box to box. That seems to be how we experience life. And our things are no different. I'm packing up all of my possessions and putting them into boxes. Big, tall, short, long, small, all different kinds of boxes. I'm then going to unpack these very same boxes and be "reborn" in a new room...excuse me, box. Boxes within boxes. No wonder we use boxes to explain dimensions. It's the most familiar example of layers and dimensions we can come across.

Ah well. Back to boxing...

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