Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 31rst Day

The sun is just over a week into its transit through the communicative sign of Gemini. Currently, this is taking place in the 11th House, the house of friends and originality. We'll see interesting subjects brought up in conversation and some new ways of reaching out.

The blog is one of the most original ways of communicating with friends. I know, I know, it seems like everyone's doing it, but still, all bloggers have to find their niche. As Sondheim wrote, "You gotta get a gimmick."

My blog is just about a month and a half old. For 31 days, I've been participating in the May Blogathon created by Michelle Rafter. I found out about the blogathon from following another blog, Write Beyond The Cubicle, by KT Hinderer. I saw that she was participating and, in an effort to challenge myself, I signed up. I thought it would be fun to try blogging every day. And it's been quite an adventure. It introduced me to a number of other bloggers, including Sara Lancaster, who was kind enough to blog with me for guest blog day!

Part of the goal was to get more followers, but instead of working towards the goal of more followers, I ended up stretching myself as a writer. I took on some subjects I might not have covered otherwise. Blogging is also forcing me to test my boundaries as an astrologer. I know that most of you skip the first paragraph, jumping right to the "meat" of the blog, but I still enjoy writing that introduction from the stars. It helps me to connect to quotidian astrology.

I'm really enjoying seeing some of the comments that people are leaving; on here, on Facebook, etc. It's great to know that at least someone is reading my blog! Writing every day is a wonderful practice to keep your mind active and your skills honed. Additionally, for someone who usually avoids the news (it's always SO depressing!), it's pushed me to branch out and read more of what's going on in the world, sometimes in a desperate attempt to find something to blog about!

Writing all month has been a wonderful experience and I hope that it's instilled in me the discipline to write on a regular basis from here on out. It's great catharsis - who needs therapy when you're writing out your feelings on a daily basis? I get to write out frustrations, joys, and even just silliness. Though the blogathon is ending, Sign In Ink has used it as a jumping off point and will continue to bring you a myriad of topics, always with an astrological base.

Thank you, Michelle Rafter, for the 2nd Annual May Blogathon! Sign In Ink will be there for the 3rd!


  1. It was a great month of writing--and reading. I don't always get your blog, Jared (There are so many questions I'd have to ask first.), but I find it really fascinating.

    Keep posting your links on Twitter, and I'll come back. Maybe I'll learn more than the fact that I'm a Pisces.

  2. It was an awesome month. :) I'm really glad you stopped by and I'm always open to questions. I will keep the Twitter posts coming and I look forward to reading more of your blog. It has such a positive, encouraging feel, even when discussing negative subjects. I must admit that I do love a good Pisces view. :) Hope all is well!