Saturday, May 23, 2009

Love: Table For Two... Or More?

The planets of love and passion in the driving sign of Aries are going to create a whirlwind on the relationship front. Add to that is the fact that these planets are in the 8th House, the house of regeneration, is going to create a lot of changes. We'll see numerous breakups and new connections forming. New chapters will open within established partnerships. Change is not necessarily a bad thing if it's taken constructively.

Relationships are a slippery slope. Last night, I met someone who brought up the topic of polyamory. He said he doesn't believe that there is one person for each person. It's an interesting concept. The idea that different people can fulfill different roles for us as far as love is concerned. He said it's not about sleeping around; it's about committed relationships with other people. It's consensual between multiple adults. I had never considered this concept before. The idea of being committed to different people on different levels such that the entire spectrum is covered is new to me.

I know it's natural for many people to scoff and say, "That's just being greedy." I've heard that said a great deal about the bisexual community as well. Before scoffing, I think it's important to take a look at the other aspects of our lives. We have polyamory in other forms. Our friendships alone are polyamorous. We turn to certain groups of friends in different circumstances. And it's totally accepted. There are such widely varied worlds that we circle through that it's hard to say one person would be able to fulfill the important roles in those worlds. Not to mention the minute, extra roles that we need on a daily basis.

Personally, I don't know that I could live a life of polyamory, but I think it's certainly an interesting concept to consider. When I asked him about marriage, he said that he believes that marriage should be afforded to all. Though marriage has crept more into politics than it probably was ever intended, he pointed out that many minorities are often clamoring for rights, but all of them have the right to marry. Politics has colored the world of marriage and the basic right to declare committed love has been warped by definitions required by law. Interesting that the term "love" has never needed to be defined by law. If love is truly the goal, then love in all of its forms is worth declaring.

Perhaps we'll see a number of changes with regards to perception of love while Venus and Mars sit in Aries together.

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