Friday, May 1, 2009

Retro Virus

Saturn, the planet of limitations and health, is floating around in Virgo, the sign of health. Royal pairing, right? Perhaps, except for Saturn being retrograde; meaning, it appears to be going backwards from Earth's point of view. Unexpected results can happen when a planet is in retrograde and in this case, it's health related. Swine flu, anyone?

Virgo qualities can be found here.

Yes, I'm caving in and talking about the porcine pandemic that's sweeping the world just like the Furbies did in the late '90s. (I think they were bigger than the Y2K scare.) Today, the illness-du-jour is pork. Kosher diet's looking better and better, huh? For those who just became alarmed, you can't get it from eating pork, so don't worry. Ham sandwiches and crispy bacon are a go. Thank goodness I didn't know about swine flu until after I got over being sick. Of course, now everyone's asking me, "Oh, did you have the swine flu?" Yes, it was delicious, thank you. No, of course not.

The terror that erupts when a new illness hits the streets is almost as infectious as the illness itself. It's all over the papers, in the news, on TV...even on that infamous source of important knowledge, Facebook. Everyone is convinced that the tiniest sore throat or cough is a symptom of the new disease and quarantine must happen immediately. It didn't really hit me how frightened people get until I saw someone walking down the street wearing a face mask to prevent germs. Is this person smarter than others or paranoid? There's a fine line there. (In case you hadn't noticed from previous blogs, I have a major curiosity when it comes to drawing lines.) People have died from this illness and others have been afflicted throughout the world. So at what point do we panic?

In other health news, the weather is changing. Stop rolling your eyes. Of course you knew that. With the weather unable to make up its mind (it must be a Libra), our bodies are left to fend for themselves and we don't have a great arsenal when it comes to meteorological indecision. Especially with the onset of spring, which last weekend was somehow bypassed for the 90 degree weather of summer. Pollen count jumps up and the air mischievously delivers all kinds of allergens to cause itchy eyes, sneezing, and other fun activities as our bodies try to defend themselves. With our bodies fighting so hard to stave off allergies and weather attacks, is it any wonder that so many people are getting sick, pig-oriented or not?

Add to that the fact that Mercury, the mind-planet, is in Gemini, the multitasker, which is going to have our minds moving faster and concentrating on a lot at once. That's not going to be the best for resting, which adds to the weakened body state. Hopefully, with the weekend coming up, everyone will get a chance to calm down a bit. Try to use the grounded energy of Taurus and make lists of things that you want to remember or explore later. It might help your mind quiet down if it knows that there is something to refer to at another time.

As for swine flu, be careful, but don't panic. Do everything you can to keep yourself in good health, including mental. Meditate if you have to. Do yoga. Wash your hands. Take your vitamins - pills before swine. And of course, if you're feeling sick, unless you're heading out to see a doctor, stay home. It's better for you; it's better for everyone else. Your immune system is down and opening yourself up to all the bacteria and other lovely bugs out there is probably not the best idea. So stay home. Others will probably thank you for it.

Just be glad it's not bird flu. At least pigs don't fly.

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