Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writing With The No. 2 Pen

The Sun officially enters Gemini today, so all of you who are born under the Twins, cheer! Gemini is the sign of communication, writing, and mental activities. It's also the sign of two-facedness, superficiality, and flightiness. As always, there are positive and negative aspects of each sign, but when you're a twin in your own body, it can get complicated! Get ready for verbosity, pranks, and a lot of fun.

With Gemini being the sign of writing, I am thrilled to introduce my guest blogger for today, a fellow Blogathoner, Sara Lancaster! Sara Lancaster is the primary writer and company owner of the No. 2 Pen, a Denver-based freelance writing company that specializes in writing Web content and other marketing materials for small businesses. Take it away, Sara!

I have to be honest, when Jared and I first discussed our blog post trade I thought to myself: What in the world do I have to say about astrological signs?

At the start he mentioned that today is the day the Sun enters Gemini so I could try to incorporate that into my post. And again I thought to myself: I am going to be so embarrassed after this show of my ignorance is put on display.

Finally, Jared said the one thing that changed it all. He told me that Gemini is the sign of communication and writing, and then I was all … Astrology rocks and I can’t wait to blog about it.

Funny how all I needed was one small connection to relate to and I was excited to write again. I think this concept is true of so many areas of life.

As a full-time writer I find that some days are tougher to write than others and some topics are harder to write about than others. It all comes down to energy, mood, and motivation, which I think we can all agree has everything to do with the state of the universe. I may not know much about astrology, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the truth in it.

In times when I feel stuck or lack that motivation, the easy fix (besides a cup of coffee and a stern pep talk) is to focus on how the task at hand relates to me personally. My clients come from all walks of life—from graduate students to car sales people to lawyers—and obviously I can’t say I understand where each of them is coming from every time.

The solution is to communicate with the client and ask for one thing: How does your business impact me? “Me” being the proverbial “reader.” Once I understand where he or she is coming from and I find a way to relate to it personally, the words seem to flow much easier.

Couldn't agree more, Sara. Communication and connection are key! Connect to Sara's blog at No 2. Pen, where you can find more tidbits about writing and my guest post for today.

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