Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poker Face

The emotional planet in the sign most known for it's aloof nature. Capricorn's calculating nature is going to show up in subtler ways. The moon is going to push some of Capricorn's hidden emotions to the surface, forcing the iceberg sign to reveal some of what's going on below. Trying to keep feelings buried is somewhat futile during this time, especially as this combination is taking place in the 1rst House, the house of self, of individuality.

Poker face. We've heard the term before, usually in reference to the card game. It's quite the asset in cards and is often considered to be an advantage in tense situations. It's also a theatrical convention known as deadpan. For a classic example of deadpan, look to Bea Arthur on any episode of Golden Girls (usually in response to Betty White's character).

For those of the Lie To Me contingent, there is great advantage to facial control. In the context of the show, they explore "microexpressions" that reveal certain emotions one may be trying to keep hidden. For those that wear their heart on their sleeve, this might not perturb them, but for those who are more secretive with their feelings (as a generalization, Earth signs), this may be a terrifying prospect.

How careful you are with your expressions may reveal more about you than you want it to. Those who keep a cool, blank expression often earn a reputation for being uncaring. This may be unfair, but it is the hard view of a society which values openness and honesty. We're encouraged, especially in America, to express ourselves, and we can be very distrustful of those whose motives and feelings remain hidden from us.

Still, do these aloof creatures have the right idea? Usually, we give a great deal away from the simple lift of an eyebrow, a slight smile, a narrowing of the eyes. In the theatre, an extremely expressive world, it's not uncommon for one to have to wipe the slate. The phrase "check your face" is one that I've heard said to actors when another actor sings a wrong note. It's not a deliberate affront; just the world that we live in. In order to keep a colleague from being hurt, we must hide the feelings that would otherwise be clearly written across the face. Maybe we can learn something from those who are able to keep things inside. There's power in quietly kept emotion.

I've noticed, from working in various offices, that the business world is much more cautious with their feelings. They keep everything very even keel (unless they're screaming in anger). "Losing one's temper" is viewed as weak; sentimentality becomes vulnerability. The interesting part is that it becomes very jarring when a boss figure is suddenly demonstrative emotionally. Depending on the subordinate and how the emotion is portrayed, the authority could strengthen or weaken. For a culture that values expression of feelings, in certain situations (especially the business world), it can be seen as a loss of power. Keeping the poker face demonstrates; enables power.

I believe true power lies in effective expression. We may give away more than we desire, but who doesn't love a gift from the heart?

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