Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remembering Jen

There are three planets (Venus, Mars, and Uranus) in the Eighth House, the house of regeneration and death. The Eighth House brings about change. It's the death of something old and opens a new chapter in life. This is especially focused in the relationship area due to the influence of Venus and Mars. Uranus lends a certain new angle to these changes. Shared by Pisces and Aries, we're especially seeing strong change as we end one chapter and begin a new one, possibly even a new book.

Death is a terrifying prospect to most people. Reading Tarot cards on a cruise ship (hey, don't judge), everyone said the same thing: "I just hope that I don't pull the Death card." Yet, the Death card does not signify physical death. It denotes the end of a section of life. Perhaps a new hobby will be taken up. Perhaps a move is in the works. There are many ways that life can change and that's what death is: a huge change.

Still, death is hard to deal with and for some reason, it seems to be everywhere. On a personal note, a year ago, my roommate was killed in an accident. There is nothing so surreal as getting a phone call that tells you that someone who has been a part of your life is no longer there in physical form. She was a beautiful spirit who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are many times when I wonder why. What possible purpose could it be to have someone vanish from life? I think death is one of the major reasons that people search for answers and comfort. Religion is a powerful source of these for many people. Metaphysical studies are yet another. When something like this happens, though, it's hard to find anything that makes it make sense.

Since then, I've noticed death much more in my life, even in celebrity form. Bea Arthur, Dom seems that we lose more and more everyday. Yet, this is all a part of life. It's a change. Everything must die so that more can live. Doesn't always make it easier when it happens, but it's a hard truth. Change is necessary and death is one of the biggest changes that we go through.

There are many directions that I can take a post regarding death, but for today, I think it's best to say that you are dearly missed, Jen. You're still with us.

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