Sunday, May 10, 2009


According to one of my favorite sites,, the Moon Trine Venus suggests that "[i]nteractions with others, especially females, feel natural and balanced now. It's a time of warm feelings and affections, cooperation, and emotional comforts. Public events are positive." Could there be a more positive aspect for Mother's Day?

Okay, okay, I know everyone's going to blog about Mother's Day today and talk about how cool their mom is. My mom actually is cool (and I'm not saying that just because she follows my blog). Using the energy of the moon (a very feminine planet) in Sagittarius (travel), my mom made her way to to NYC to visit and see me perform in a cabaret (public events are positive). While waiting for the show to begin, she made friends with two gentlemen, who pronounced her "fierce" (see? there's proof that she's cool).

Mom had me when she was only 21, so there's only a double decade between us, which is not the widest expanse, especially when you work in the theatrical world. You develop friendships with people of all age groups, so it's only natural that Mom and I are good friends as well as parent and child. Don't worry; we haven't quite crossed the line to Gilmore Girls-land, but we're buds. Both of us are artistic, sensitive types, who have a slightly "out-there" view on the world, especially when compared with my more practical sister and father.

Having her attend the show was a honored treat, as she doesn't get to see me perform very often; admittedly, schedule and my lack of auditioning don't provide many opportunities. The fun part is that I'm betting a few of my creative genes come from her. She is an artist, a performer, and a teacher, and I seem to follow in those footsteps. Both of my parents have encouraged me to be myself and shown enormous support through my many projects and milestones in life.

However, in a treasured reversal of role, I had the opportunity to witness one of her greatest milestones: graduation from college. Having never matriculated, my mother took it upon herself to return to school at a slightly older age than most of the student body, determined to earn her Bachelor's degree. Last winter, I had the privilege of watching my mother parade down the aisle in full cap and gown to receive her degree in education. It was easily one of the proudest moments of my life, knowing the innumerable obstacles she overcame to get to that place. There are few moments in my life that are comparable to that one. Now, as a teacher, she watches over others the way she watched over me.

I could go on extolling her virtues and accomplishments, but I think you get the idea. My mom's pretty awesome. Forgive the somewhat sappy mentality, but of course, I'm still coming off of a moon-in-Scorpio, so it's only natural.

I hope that everyone who is out there reading this has a chance to thank a mother figure in their life whether she hears you or not. It's still good to feel the gratitude, knowing that someone's there for you. Who knows? Someday, you might get the opportunity to be a mother too.

This blog is for you, Mom. Stay fierce.

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