Saturday, May 2, 2009

That Low-Down Fire

The moon, Venus, and Mars are all in fire signs right now. Passion, creativity, sexuality is going to be prevalent. We'll see a lot of initiative, especially on the romance front. Personal expression is going to show up throughout. This may be a wonderful thing, or it could be an onrush of hedonistic activity.

Are you a fire sign? Find out what that means here.

Fire is an apropos element to explore during this time as the Pagan festival of Beltane was yesterday. Beltane fires are lit throughout the world as a celebration of life and the beginning of summer. A Maypole is erected with ribbons attached and a dance occurs, which ends with the pole entwined with decorative ribbons. Beltane, as a celebration of life, is sexually oriented and the pole is an obvious phallic symbol.

I find it interesting that a ritual that celebrates life is so sexually oriented. Sex is everywhere: on tv, in movies, in music, in books, on the net, even in certain schools. Ironically, it may not always be discussed in homes. I can understand the reluctance of a parent to speak to their child about sex. There is something that suggests a loss of innocence once a child learns about sex. Yet, if sex is such a powerful part of life (in fact, it's life-giving), why do we avoid it when it comes to children? There are so many negative connotations regarding sex (especially with the focus on STDs), yet it's everywhere. After all, sex sells, doesn't it? Else, why would Abercrombie and Fitch have catalogues with naked models? Interesting that a place that sells clothing is advertising by using pictures of people without them.

Is sex the opposite of innocence? As the age old complaint of children goes, "why does everything that tastes or feels good have to be bad for you?" Sex isn't necessarily bad for you. And it certainly feels good. Whatever designed the human body certainly made sure of that. Let's be honest. It's not exactly the most attractive part of the human body, is it? If it didn't feel good, most people would never go near it. Still, is it at odds with innocence? We try to shield our children from sex, drugs, violence, and back in the day, rock and roll. Granted, we wouldn't want to hear of any children using guns or drugs and certainly, not having sex, but should they be aware of it? Does telling a child about sex negate a belief in Santa Claus?

Which begs the question - at what age is it okay to talk to a child about sex? There are numerous commercials that say talk to your kids before they come to you. Do you wait for puberty to set in? Oh, yeah, I broke out the big "p" word. I think most would agree that they don't want their children to come to them first, but many would want an open discourse with regards to sex. At least, they'd rather that than to find out that their children have been experimenting. Children and sex is a volatile combination of topics.

I don't think that sex, while a volatile topic, is necessarily bad. The constant exposure to it can be difficult to handle, but in today's society, it's available at almost every turn. In the spirit of Beltane, far from being purely life-giving, it's life-affirming. It's part of what it means to be alive. We should celebrate it.

Happy Beltane to all!

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